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DressApp – Show Off Your Fashion Sense

Lately finding one of the best free iPhone apps on the market has become more challenging, however, DressApp is definitely one that I would recommend to my friends and family especially those who love fashion or have younger girls.

This app doesn’t take much work to figure out. Right from the very start I was able to figure it out and use it which makes it even better. The game starts with four girls; one from Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan. The only one that is unlocked is the girl from Paris. This is where the fun begins!

When you choose your girl you are free to dress her up and style her with your own fashion sense. Choose from tops, bottoms, shoes and even stockings. Accessorize her and make her beautiful and create your own trends. Better yet, find a fashionable outfit that would make your friends and family jealous and then email it to them. I love the idea that you can send your creations to others via email, that’s not something that you find in all of the dress-up apps available on the market and you can also save them to your camera roll.

Once you have created the outfit of your choice you can then play a few short games. The object is to bet your friends who also play on the leaderboards with the gaming center. Compete by finishing the patterns of clothing and accessories that were found in the dress-up portion of the game.

One thing that I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to unlock other models from within the game. I have completed the fashion dress-up portion and also the pattern games found directly after but still nothing has been unlocked. I’m not too worried about it yet since the game is fun and entertaining so I’ll keep playing around with it in hopes that they unlock soon.

There are a few things that I really like about this game and one is that it’s great for all ages including younger children. I don’t really think this is a game for younger boys since most of them are only into cars and playing with their trucks but younger girls, such as my niece, really seem to love this one and it’s free, that’s the extra bonus!

The music in this game is cool, it’s interesting and fun but if you’re not that into it you can easily turn it off or even down lower so it’s not too annoying for you. I think what I truly like about this game is the fact that you can be an individual and create your own styles. It allows you to show off your creative side and share it with others. I find that the selection of cloths and accessories is okay, so far I haven’t noticed there being too much of any category to choose from but the selection that is available is great and I’m looking forward to seeing some cool new updates in the near future!

Price: FREE (This was released as a FREE iPhone app. Monster Free Apps save users $$ by notifying them of the best free iphone apps when they are released!)

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