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Origami Dog World – A Fantastic Run Adventure!

Welcome to the gorgeous paper world by Pegasus, where everything is made of paper and you, as an origami dog, has to run and jump over obstacles and get as far as you can. If you are a fan of Arcade, then this game will entertain you to the most. Top Origami Dog World is an innovation made by adding extra features to an original idea to make it look cooler.

This is one of the best free iPhone apps available in the app store that is based on the core idea of making the way against obstructions to reach the goal. The controls are pretty easy and it takes no time to have working hold on these to get through the game. Tap on the left side of the screen to jump and the right side to slide. That’s it. The start screen of the game has everything made of paper; click on paper button ‘play’ to start the game. Distance covered and the best distances are displayed at the top of the screen. As you move further, more obstacles obstruct your way and to move through some, you have to use both the buttons-on the left side and that on the right side- one after the other. This is truly a game of controls. How well you can control the buttons on the screen is the key to success.

Wonderful graphics and adjustable sound make the game more awesome. Still fascinating is the leader board where you can compare your score with other players to achieve the best score and be at the top.

I am fond of fast-paced racer games and search for surprises in the app store. I have a lot of racing games and I get this one on the top of all as this is fine with me and my kids alike. From a basic game play perspective, Top Origami Dog World is relatively simple. It has a dog racing on a track filled with different type of obstacles, everything made of paper, where you have to focus constantly on the controls and reaching the highest distance to win the game.

The game requires iOS 4.0 or later and is equally compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This puppy land adventure is absolutely stunning for both kids and adults alike. The control scheme is such simple as it can be grasped by little ones. The colors and pattern of the game make it look great and rises above the rest as a beautiful adventure and action game. The above all features can be downloaded totally free of cost so, why bother? Get it fast and have a lot of fun.

Price: FREE (This was released as a FREE iPhone game. Monster Free Apps users got it free first!)

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