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tiny comet
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Tiny Comet – Totally Addictive Fun

What would you do if you were suddenly captured by the earth’s gravity? What if you were lost and couldn’t find your way back to those you love; your family and your friends? This is one of the best free apps for the iPhone. The object is simple yet challenging which I think is what makes it such a great app.

The goal is to collect sunshine that keeps your energy level up, not enough sunshine, you will die! There’s nothing tricky about it, challenging yes, but nothing too terribly complicated. Simply move your phone up or down in order to collect the sunshine. Green arrows help to speed up your comet and red ones slow you down. The red ones aren’t necessarily a horrible thing so if you hit one or two along the way it’s still okay. They don’t make you loose a life they just make you move a bit slower but it’s only for a few seconds.

As you progress in the game the more challenges you come across. You are presented with blocks, the blue blocks are safe to move through and don’t seem to affect your energy or your speed. The solid brown blocks will drastically slow you down so it’s recommended that you stay away from them.

During certain points in the game you will be told to collect as many stars as possible. You will also be presented with some angry birds toward the end of the very first level. These birds do a real number on your energy level and it’s recommended that you stay clear. However, that’s easier said than done!

After the completion of the first level I hadn’t collected any stars which wasn’t really too much of a surprise since I was just learning how to play. I did notice that the boards were fairly long, well, I suppose that would depend on how quick you are at this game, but the first board took me about two minutes to complete and I did notice that until you successfully complete one level you can’t move on to the other boards.

I did notice quite a few boards, about 18 to be exact, and they included; the ocean, jungle, desert, mountain and space. The music was not too bad. I didn’t feel as though it slowed me down or distracted me at all. It wasn’t super catchy but that’s not really a good reason to play the game anyway.

Overall, I really liking this one. It’s great for all ages since it’s fairly easy to grasp. It didn’t take me a long time to figure out but it’s taking me a little bit longer to master which is what keeps me coming back for more.

If you’re looking or a game to keep you entertained, doesn’t take a genius to figure out and requires little to no training then this is definitely one you should add to your list of favorites. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Price: $0.99 (This was FREE for Monster Free Apps users. Save $$ and download MFA now!)

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