5 Best Nail Designs Apps

In recent times, the nail art design is becoming one of the most trending designs in the fashion space.

It has become part and parcel of fashion, especially for ladies. There is no point putting on a lovely dress coupled with good shoes, and your nail is outdated.

Nail art design offers you the chance of making your nail look unique and extraordinary. You can do your nails at a nail salon in Las Vegas or get a knowledgeable friend to do it for you. There is also a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to nail art design.

You can get online resources that will guide you through the process. This article will also inform you of the 5 best nail design apps.

Series of nail designs ranging from half-moon manicure, nail polish, caviar manicure, and metallic nail art is trending now.

These designs are capable of making your nails look great, and you will feel like a celebrity. These nail designs also make use of multiple colors to give your nails a colorful look.

5 Best Nail Design Apps

The advent of technology has made some activities easier in recent times. As you can get your manicure and nail design done at any salon, you can opt for a do it yourself tutorial online or make use of nail design apps.

Those apps can guide you through the process of nail design when installed on your phone, either android or apple. These apps also offer step by step instructions on each design you can make out of your nail. The following are the five best nail design apps you can use;

1. Nailbook Nail Design

This app makes use of tutorials to explain the step by step approach to designing of any chosen design.  It also contains more than thirty-five thousand (35000) nail designs.

After selecting your preferred design, you can learn how to create it and the finishing techniques involved. The application makes use of an internet connection to work efficiently.

2. Nail Art Design

This app is one of the best to start with when trying to learn nail art design.  It offers you the chance to view up to fifty (50) pictures of already designed nails.

Another exciting feature of this app is its search engine.  It permits you to search for your favorite celebrity and pick from her design.

3. Nail Art Step By Step

Nail Art Step by Step is another exciting nail art design app. The app has been able to categorize each design to beginners and pro level.

After selecting your preferred design, you will be able to access video tutorials and pictorial representation of your chosen design. It is easy to use, and it uses an internet connection to access features.

4. Beautiful Nails

Beautiful nails is an easy to use nail art design app. It doesn’t make use of an internet connection to access design except when you wish to share the design.

It offers you a variety of techniques that you can swipe through and choose your design. You can also save any of your chosen designs to your phone gallery.  It also permits the sharing of the design with any of your friends.

5. Toe Nail Design

This app essentially focuses on toenail design and offers a variety of designs to be chosen. The app contains quality HD pictures of more than one thousand (1000) nail designs.

It doesn’t require the use of an internet connection and the features are easy to use. It also allows customization and design of your choice.

Nail Art Designs You Will Like

Nail Art Designs

Making use of nail design apps and other online resources offers you the chance to see thousands of designs. Let’s assume you are finding it difficult to choose from the variety of designs available to you.

The following are simple styles you can choose from and make your nails look elegant;

  • Color-coded
  • Pro nail lacquer
  • Metallic paint
  • Diamante Art
  • Nail extension and French nails
  • Ice cream Manicure
  • Ciate caviar manicure
  • Perfect sense paraffin manicure
  • Ciate velvet manicure
  • Reverse French manicure
  • 3D nail design
  • Nail cracker
  • Minx nail


You may need to design your nail beautifully to complement your lovely wears. You can choose to visit a salon for a proper manicure or make use of nail design apps.

Making use of a nail art design app allows you to choose from a wide range of designs.  It also equips you with the necessary tutorials, step by step instructions, and resources needed to make a great design.


Texas Poker | Free iPhone Apps Reviews

Texas Poker: Fast Fun Poker

Texas Poker is a fast paced, action packed game of Texas Hold ‘Em for anyone who likes to play, regardless of their skill level. You’re playing with real people so you can chat with others at the table, or buy them gifts if they have a great have a great hand.

As you win hands, your ranking becomes higher and higher, and you can check a players states and level just by clicking on their profile. I’ve seen this on several games, and it’s a helpful tool when trying to decide how someone else might play.

You get some chips everyday in the daily lottery, so it’s totally free to play, and if you run out you can purchase more in the app store. I always wonder why anyone would want to spend money to play for virtual money, but I’ve never lost all my chips, so I don’t have that problem. If you play a bit conservatively in the beginning, you’ll easily be able to build up enough chips that you shouldn’t have to worry about it for a while.

Texas Poker is great for novices and experts alike. If you’ve never played before, there’s a great interactive tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know. If you’re a more skilled player, you can move straight to the tables, either regular or tournaments.

There are lots of reasons to try this game, the first being it’s totally free. If you lose all your chips, you’ll just have to wait until the next day’s lottery to get more, but then you’ll back at it. There are lots of players from all over the globe, so you’ll be able to play day or night against the best of the best.

I’ve played a lot of poker games, and while I’m not sure this one is the best, there are a lot of things I really like about Texas Poker.
For starters, it’s really fast. There’s no lagging in the gameplay, so the only thing that can slow it down are the other players, but you always run that risk when you the game you’re playing relies on strangers.

The other thing I like is that it tells you the hand you have at all times, so there’s no guessing. This might sound silly to really skilled players, but there have been times when I’ve thought I had a straight or flush (usually in the middle of the night after I should have quit playing hours ago) and folded or went all in only to realize I made a mistake. So maybe not everyone likes this feature, but for me it’s great. A surprising number of poker apps don’t do this.

If you like to play virtual poker, this is a terrific app. Maybe you’re looking for a great free game with lots of features that also happens to be free, or maybe you just need a change of pace from your current favorite. Either way you can’t go wrong with Texas Poker, which is why I highly recommend it.

Price: $FREE (This was recently introduced as a FREE app. Monster Free Apps users can save $$ and download it now!)


Origami Dog World | Free iPhone Apps Reviews

Origami Dog World – A Fantastic Run Adventure!

Welcome to the gorgeous paper world by Pegasus, where everything is made of paper and you, as an origami dog, has to run and jump over obstacles and get as far as you can. If you are a fan of Arcade, then this game will entertain you to the most. Top Origami Dog World is an innovation made by adding extra features to an original idea to make it look cooler.

This is one of the best free iPhone apps available in the app store that is based on the core idea of making the way against obstructions to reach the goal. The controls are pretty easy and it takes no time to have working hold on these to get through the game. Tap on the left side of the screen to jump and the right side to slide. That’s it. The start screen of the game has everything made of paper; click on paper button ‘play’ to start the game. Distance covered and the best distances are displayed at the top of the screen. As you move further, more obstacles obstruct your way and to move through some, you have to use both the buttons-on the left side and that on the right side- one after the other. This is truly a game of controls. How well you can control the buttons on the screen is the key to success.

Wonderful graphics and adjustable sound make the game more awesome. Still fascinating is the leader board where you can compare your score with other players to achieve the best score and be at the top.

I am fond of fast-paced racer games and search for surprises in the app store. I have a lot of racing games and I get this one on the top of all as this is fine with me and my kids alike. From a basic game play perspective, Top Origami Dog World is relatively simple. It has a dog racing on a track filled with different type of obstacles, everything made of paper, where you have to focus constantly on the controls and reaching the highest distance to win the game.

The game requires iOS 4.0 or later and is equally compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This puppy land adventure is absolutely stunning for both kids and adults alike. The control scheme is such simple as it can be grasped by little ones. The colors and pattern of the game make it look great and rises above the rest as a beautiful adventure and action game. The above all features can be downloaded totally free of cost so, why bother? Get it fast and have a lot of fun.

Price: FREE (This was released as a FREE iPhone game. Monster Free Apps users got it free first!)


Wacky Balls | Free iPhone Apps Reviews

Wacky Balls: A Wacky Good Time

Remember when you were a kid and you use to beg your parents to let you get one of those extremely bouncy balls out of the vending machine at the grocery store? When they said no, you were like “but it’s only a quarter”. It turned out that it wasn’t about the quarter, it was about the fact that those things could put an eye out.

Well you might be grown up and able to buy your own bouncy ball, but I’m guessing you probably don’t. Now you can have the same experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s fun and addicting, and the best part is, you probably won’t put anyone’s eye out. I say probably because stranger things have happened.

There’s a pretty good tutorial to get you started, although it’s so simple, you may not need it. It’s a definite plus though. The point of this game is rather simple; you use the accelerometer of your device to move your ball around a room as it bounces off the walls and such. In the room with you are other balls, green, yellow and red. You want to hit the balls to move to the next level, and avoid yellow and red. Hit a yellow one and you lose points and it turns red. Hit a red one, and you lose a life. Lose too many (3 I think) and it’s game over. There are bonus balls, and other fun things, so the more you play the more fun you’ll have.

The graphics are not bad, but honestly, it’s just some circles in a rectangle, not too difficult. The sound effects are pretty good, there’s not really music that plays in the background, it’s more like a catchy beat that gets you instantly going as soon as you open the app. Good choice from the developers.

While the game play is pretty smooth, the app crashed on me twice, both times ending games that were on the way to being high scores. This tends to be a major turn off for a lot of people. While I was able to play quite a few games, the crashing always makes me nervous and that’s never fun. So the developers definitely need to work on fixing whatever bug causes that, or they better be ready for a bunch of 1 star reviews.

While this is a fun game, and I recommend trying it, it can get frustrating, mostly because like those real bouncy balls, you can’t really control it. You can move and tilt the screen all you want, but if there are too many red balls, you’re going to hit one and there’s not much you can do about it. It’s fun and even kind of addicting, but after awhile it does get frustrating.

If you’re looking for something fun and addicting, try this game and you won’t be disappointed. It might not be something you’ll play forever, but in the grand scheme of things, how many games do you play forever anyway?

Price: FREE (This is an always-FREE game for Monster Free Apps users. Save $$ and download it now!)


Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil | Free iPhone Apps Reviews

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil: It’s a Ball

Not every game is going to be the next big thing, in fact few are, but that doesn’t mean you don’t run into a gem every now and again.Let’s face it. There are so many games on the App Store that it can be hard to find the ones that are worth your time and those that you wonder how they got approved because they’re so bad. And when you’re looking for free iPhone apps, it can really hard to find the best ones.

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil is one of those gems. It’s one you may not think twice about because it has an odd name, but I’m telling you, don’t let the name stop you from playing; this one is a gem if I ever found one.

It’s similar to Angry Birds in a way, but it’s got its own charm let me tell you. The goal of the game is to shoot the tiny balls through the cannon and knock the angry devil (who is square shaped for some odd reason) off of his wooden planks. Some levels are easy and you can do it in one shot, some are a bit more challenging as you try to come up with the best strategy to knock that square shaped guy onto the floor. You’ll have to bounce the balls off the wall or underneath shelves or around other barriers. Sometimes it happens in one shot, other times you can use your three shots and still not get, and you’ll end up trying the same level over and over. This is a testament to a good game, when you have levels here and there that are so challenging you almost want to quit, but just as you’re about to, you get it.

The graphics are pretty awesome, as the tiny balls are cute little blue balls that make cute bouncy noises, while the devil is pretty much the opposite: red, square and totally scary (or evil) looking and makes a continuous menacing noise until you’ve knocked him off and hear a “BINGO!”. You’re scored on how few tiny balls you shoot and how fast you get the level done. Like most games of its kind, you must finish one level before you can move on to the next.

If you’re looking for something different, fun and addicting, then I can’t recommend Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil enough. It’s challenging, but not frustrating, and an overall great game. Highly recommended.

Price: $0.99 (This was a FREE app for Monster Free Apps users. Save $$ and download it for free!)



DressApp | Free iPhone Apps Reviews

DressApp – Show Off Your Fashion Sense

Lately finding one of the best free iPhone apps on the market has become more challenging, however, DressApp is definitely one that I would recommend to my friends and family especially those who love fashion or have younger girls.

This app doesn’t take much work to figure out. Right from the very start I was able to figure it out and use it which makes it even better. The game starts with four girls; one from Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan. The only one that is unlocked is the girl from Paris. This is where the fun begins!

When you choose your girl you are free to dress her up and style her with your own fashion sense. Choose from tops, bottoms, shoes and even stockings. Accessorize her and make her beautiful and create your own trends. Better yet, find a fashionable outfit that would make your friends and family jealous and then email it to them. I love the idea that you can send your creations to others via email, that’s not something that you find in all of the dress-up apps available on the market and you can also save them to your camera roll.

Once you have created the outfit of your choice you can then play a few short games. The object is to bet your friends who also play on the leaderboards with the gaming center. Compete by finishing the patterns of clothing and accessories that were found in the dress-up portion of the game.

One thing that I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to unlock other models from within the game. I have completed the fashion dress-up portion and also the pattern games found directly after but still nothing has been unlocked. I’m not too worried about it yet since the game is fun and entertaining so I’ll keep playing around with it in hopes that they unlock soon.

There are a few things that I really like about this game and one is that it’s great for all ages including younger children. I don’t really think this is a game for younger boys since most of them are only into cars and playing with their trucks but younger girls, such as my niece, really seem to love this one and it’s free, that’s the extra bonus!

The music in this game is cool, it’s interesting and fun but if you’re not that into it you can easily turn it off or even down lower so it’s not too annoying for you. I think what I truly like about this game is the fact that you can be an individual and create your own styles. It allows you to show off your creative side and share it with others. I find that the selection of cloths and accessories is okay, so far I haven’t noticed there being too much of any category to choose from but the selection that is available is great and I’m looking forward to seeing some cool new updates in the near future!

Price: FREE (This was released as a FREE iPhone app. Monster Free Apps save users $$ by notifying them of the best free iphone apps when they are released!)


Tiny Comet | Free iPhone Apps Reviews

Tiny Comet – Totally Addictive Fun

What would you do if you were suddenly captured by the earth’s gravity? What if you were lost and couldn’t find your way back to those you love; your family and your friends? This is one of the best free apps for the iPhone. The object is simple yet challenging which I think is what makes it such a great app.

The goal is to collect sunshine that keeps your energy level up, not enough sunshine, you will die! There’s nothing tricky about it, challenging yes, but nothing too terribly complicated. Simply move your phone up or down in order to collect the sunshine. Green arrows help to speed up your comet and red ones slow you down. The red ones aren’t necessarily a horrible thing so if you hit one or two along the way it’s still okay. They don’t make you loose a life they just make you move a bit slower but it’s only for a few seconds.

As you progress in the game the more challenges you come across. You are presented with blocks, the blue blocks are safe to move through and don’t seem to affect your energy or your speed. The solid brown blocks will drastically slow you down so it’s recommended that you stay away from them.

During certain points in the game you will be told to collect as many stars as possible. You will also be presented with some angry birds toward the end of the very first level. These birds do a real number on your energy level and it’s recommended that you stay clear. However, that’s easier said than done!

After the completion of the first level I hadn’t collected any stars which wasn’t really too much of a surprise since I was just learning how to play. I did notice that the boards were fairly long, well, I suppose that would depend on how quick you are at this game, but the first board took me about two minutes to complete and I did notice that until you successfully complete one level you can’t move on to the other boards.

I did notice quite a few boards, about 18 to be exact, and they included; the ocean, jungle, desert, mountain and space. The music was not too bad. I didn’t feel as though it slowed me down or distracted me at all. It wasn’t super catchy but that’s not really a good reason to play the game anyway.

Overall, I really liking this one. It’s great for all ages since it’s fairly easy to grasp. It didn’t take me a long time to figure out but it’s taking me a little bit longer to master which is what keeps me coming back for more.

If you’re looking or a game to keep you entertained, doesn’t take a genius to figure out and requires little to no training then this is definitely one you should add to your list of favorites. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Price: $0.99 (This was FREE for Monster Free Apps users. Save $$ and download MFA now!)


Digital Marketing Agencies in Tucson

There is no doubt that the internet is here to stay. It has impacted a lot of things from our day-to-day activities to firms and organizations worldwide. Every business that wants to thrive must find the right digital marketing agency to help them make full use of the internet.

So, What Are Digital Marketing Agencies? A digital marketing agency is an advertising agency that has developed to meet the changing needs of marketing in this digital age.

Digital marketing agencies offer services like website design and development, app development, PPC, search engine optimization, online lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, and many others.

What Do Digital Marketing Agencies Do?

Picture of marketing agency tucson

Digital marketing is a term that encompasses all the various activities that take place online to increase your online presence, promote your brand, and drive sales. Any organization that wants to reach out to a large audience needs a digital presence.

Nowadays, people search online for the things they buy. So, if your online presence is not strong, you are losing a lot of potential customers.

Your online presence’s strength is determined by a variety of factors like the quality and ranking of your website, your social media game, your budget on paid advertising, etc.

Now to handle all these channels and for effective marketing, you might require the service of a digital marketing agency.

Here are some of the services offered by digital marketing agencies;

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Blogging Service
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Offer Creation
  • Lead Generation Service
  • Branding/Positioning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Local Listing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Marketing Consulting/Strategy
  • Email Marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency Tucson

The existence of your business largely depends on how you leverage the internet. It would be best if you made the right decisions and partner with the right digital marketing agencies to leverage the potentials of the internet properly.

To guide you in making the right decision in terms of a marketing agency, we have put together a list of the top ten digital marketing agencies in Tucson.

We derived this list by carefully analyzing factors like reputation, credibility, professionalism, experience, availability, and timely support.

After a careful analysis, we came up with the list of top 10 digital marketing agencies in Tucson.

1. Affinity for Design

Affinity for Design is more than a design company, as the name might suggest. It is a full digital marketing agency in Tucson. Their service offerings are Branding/Positioning, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Local Listing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Development, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, and Email Marketing.

2. Anchor wave

Anchor wave is a team of digital marketing experts committed to helping businesses of all sizes in maximizing their online presence with their stunning web design and a variety of other online marketing strategies. Anchor Wave has successfully launched over a thousand websites.

Their service offerings are Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, User Experience/User Interface, Web Development, Branding/Positioning, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Local Listing, Reputation Management, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Consulting/Strategy.

3. Andrea Lynn Drake LLC

Andrea Lynn Drake LLC is a digital marketing and design firm. They have over 20 years of experience creating websites that are user-centric, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly.

Their service offerings are Branding/Positioning, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, User Experience/User Interface, Local Listing, Reputation Management, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, Market Research, and Video Production.

4. GSM Marketing Agency

GSM Marketing Agency is a marketing firm based in Tucson. They create websites tailored to your business, brand, service, or product.

Their service offerings are website SEO services, website design, Google Ad words/PPC, social media management, online listing analysis, Google web analysis, Google maps inbound marketing, Goeframing with stealth, logo, and branding services.

5. IntoClicks

IntoClicks is a marketing agency that focuses on helping medium-sized businesses, government sectors, large firms, and non-profit organizations grow their online presence. They have over 15 years’ experience providing digital marketing services to businesses.

Their service offerings are web design, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing strategies, online reputation management, and managed Word Press hosting. IntoClicks won the National Excellence Award Winner of 2020 conducted by Upcity.

6. Kodeak Digital Media Experts

Kodeak Digital Media Experts is a web design and SEO firm that has been in this line of business for over six years. They work with clients all over the world to develop effective websites.

Their services are Advertising, Content Marketing, Local Listing, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Branding/Positioning, Email Marketing, Market Research, Pay-Per-Click, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Social Media Marketing.

7. Nuanced Media

Nuanced Media is a full digital marketing agency. For clients who need assistance with identity branding, the company offers product photography, Graphic Design, video marketing, marketing inserts, package design, and product launch strategy.

The digital marketing agency handles a wide range of services like Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Influencer Marketing, Market Research, User Experience/User Interface, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Branding/Positioning, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Local Listing, Customer Relationship Management, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and Mobile Application Development.

8. Wildcat SEO

Wildcat SEO provides digital marketing services. The company has a reputation of over 20 years of delivering measurable results for businesses.

Their services are Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Local Listing, Reputation Management, Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Branding/Positioning, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, and Web Development.

9. NuStream Marketing

The company has over 25 years of experience providing digital marketing services to clients all over the world.

Their service offerings are Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Branding/Positioning, Graphic Design, Market Research, Inbound Marketing, Local Listing, Pay-Per-Click, Public Relations, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Video Production, User Experience/User Interface, Web Design, and Web Development.

10. NINE25 Design

NINE25 is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing services primarily for healthcare firms and providers. Their services are Branding/Positioning, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Local Listing, Graphic Design, Marketing Consulting/Strategy, User Experience/User Interface, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Web Development.

You can contact any of these digital marketing agencies in Tucson to help you manage your business’s online presence.


Without having a robust online presence, you are not giving your business a fair chance at success. Developing a strong online presence is dependent on a lot of factors. Therefore, you should employ the services of a digital marketing agency for effective marketing.